Friday, May 29, 2009

This cute little fawn visited our cabin last summer. I was standing on the front porch and heard a rustling sound in the bushes below. The little guy scrambed up the hill and timidly walked right up to the edge of the porch! I wanted Jim, Katie and Randy to come see him but was afraid I would scare him away if I moved. Fortunately they did come out of the cabin in time. Eventually, he wandered down the hill and lay down in some tall grass just below the deck. We took several pictures of him. The next morning he was still in the same spot in the grass. We began to worry that something had happened to his mama because he was left alone for so long. We spent most of the morning checking on him. That afternoon we went for a hike in the Great Smokey Mountains National Forest and when we returned he was gone. Mama doe had found her wandering little guy.

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